This second part of an introduction to AJAX and ASP.NET shows how we can use multiple UpdatePanels and and UpdateProgress to add more interactivity to a page.

First, we start off with an AJAX-Enabled Web Application, and then we add two UpdatePanels and an UpdateProgress control to the web form:

We also added four labels, a button, and a timer control. Three of the labels will display a timestamp, and the fourth will display a Please Wait message to the user. Next, we add logic to the code-behind:

Because this project was created with ASP.NET AJAX Extensions from Microsoft, all the nexessary tags and references in Web.config were added for us. If you do not have the AJAX Extensions installed on your copy of Visual Studio (or Visual Web Developer), or you do not have Version 2008, then your Web.config will need to look something like this:

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