Microsoft Server-Side AJAX Framework consists of one main control: the UpdatePanel Control. The UpdatePanel Control enables you to update a portion of a page without updating the entire page. In other words it enables you to performance partial page rendering.

Step 1

Let’s open a new website and name it UpdatePanelSimple. Hopefully by now you will have remembered how to open a new website. If not you can check in the beginner tutorials.
The tag has two childtags – the ContentTemplate and the Triggers tags. The ContentTemplate tag is required, since it holds the content of the panel. The content can be anything that you would normally put on your page, from literal text to web controls. The Triggers tag allows you to define certain triggers which will make the panel update its content. The following example will show the use of both childtags.

Step 2

I have copied the code over and go ahead and copy it over to your source code as it looks.

As you can see in the code or when switch over to design view you will see we have added a ScriptManager , and an UpdatePanel as well. The UpdatePanel contains a single Button Control, when you click the button only the content contained in the UpdatePanel control is refreshed.

The Page in the listing displays the current time both inside and outside the Update Control Panel Control. When you click the button, only the time within the UpdatePanel control is refreshed.

In our Next tutorial Regarding the Microsoft AJAX UpdatePanel we will take a more realistic approach that just begs for AJAX control over it.