Were you looking for the SeadragonExtender control? If so then you have found the right place.
In today’s AJAX tutorial we are going to show you an awesome example of AJAX spectacular capabilities. We will be using Visual Studio 2010 ASP.net & C#
Here is a fun and cool image controller, It lets you control the image in other words, you can zoom in, Move it, and also pan to a certain region. Sounds Familiar? If so then you have experienced something along these lines while using Google maps.

The Seadragon control can be used for viewing Deep Zoom images. You can use your mouse to pan and zoom around the image.
· As always lets Add a New WebForm to this project and name it Seadragon.aspx
· Remember to alwaysAdd a ScriptManager to the page.
· Then Add SeaDragonExtender
· Then you will want to Set the Source Url In Reference = SourceUrl=”Seadragon/sample.xml”>

The markup of the page will look like:

Load the page in browser looks like as follows: